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Leader Consulting collects only basic, personally identifying information for our newsletter, and we do so only at your request to ensure proper delivery of the information in which you've expressed interest. On occasion, we may offer you HR products or services that we believe will increase your company's performance or offer other value, but you will always be given the opportunity to quickly and easily opt-out of receiving these notifications. We never, ever share your email or other information with other third parties.


If you submit a candidate profile to us, this information will be safe-gaurded and the profile posted on our website will protect your privacy by listing only your job title and will not mention the names of current or former companies. If you submit a resume, it will only be submitted to employers upon your approval.


If you submit a position opening for which you would like recruiting assistance, we will post the position on our website mentioning only general details about your company and industry, but specific details of the opening. We will then go through our normal process of recruiting both passive and active candidates for to bring into the recruiting process. All information supplied by the company will be kept in strict confidence, and your confidentiality guidelines will be closely followed.


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