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Talent Acquisition

The key to business success is good people.


Talent Acquisition

Acquiring the right talent is essential in today’s competitive business environment.  Achieving your recruiting goals requires a partner that not only understands your company, but also the technology behind your products and the working culture at the core of your business.  Our goal is to thoroughly understand the unique elements of each open position and find the ideal candidate with skills and characteristics that match the existing challenge, team and culture.

Our Process

Our method involves working closely with the hiring manager to gather detailed information regarding the position requirements and the functional and cultural working environment.  Early in the process, we identify the tangibles and intangibles that define a successful placement.  A search is conducted based upon those parameters and an initial group of candidates is identified.  From those, the client selects candidates for a customized phone interview, which is based upon behavioral interviewing questions, general career goals, and other key requirements defined by the client.  This information provides exceptional insight into the candidate’s capabilities, expertise and personality, and in turn enables more efficient and confident selection of candidates for the final interview stage, which saves the client a significant amount of time and allows the process to move quickly to final selection.

Contingency Based Search

We offer contingency-based search services for full-time, permanent employees.  We have an extensive database of resumes as well as an extensive network of contacts, which allows us to uncover both active seekers, as well as passive candidates who may be open to a change, but are not actively looking.   Because we operate on a contingency basis, there are no up-front or retention costs and no expense fees.  There are no fees until the hired candidate is on-site and part of your team.

Temporary/Contract Consultants/Project Staffing

If your company has a need for professionals on an interim basis, we can provide Contract Consultants to fulfill specific project requirements, or even on-site recruiters to staff up for an important project.  If you have several positions to fill, we can offer assistance at standard hourly rates.  We can assist with advertising, internet and social network postings, cold-calling, competitor recruiting, candidate screening and other techniques for finding active and passive candidates. The right talent in the right role means associates who can quickly assimilate, become effective members of the team, and contribute to business and corporate goals.

Our Committment

As your HR partner, we are here to help you achieve your goals by providing customized recruiting services to meet your specific needs. We look forward to assisting you with your talent acquisition needs. Please contact us to see how we can assist you!


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